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  • Naga subramanya idol for Highgate temple London
  • Sree Pazhani Muruga Yugam Trust (Thrissur) inaguration - 25th December 2015.
  • Karthika Nakshathra, Swastika, Kumari-Kandam

Welcome to the Pazhani Muruga Yugam Trust, a spiritual organisation.

Shri Pazhani Murugam Yugam Trust was started on 25 December 2015 under the guidance of Lord Pazhani Murugan who gave his blessings and visions to Shri Rejith Kumar, who is hailing from Thirroor Thrissur. The Trust started to act as a platform to spread the blessings and power of Lord Pazhani Murugan to spiritually rejuvenate the humanity throughout the world.
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Bhogar Siddhar

Bogar was a legendary South Indian siddhar (a mystic, yogi). He was said to have miraculous powers.

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Karthia Stars

The Pleiades (Krittika) are particularly revered in Hindu mythology as the six mothers of the war god Skanda,

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Kumari Kandam

As per Lord Muruga's direction, Rejithji says that Swastika is related to Kumari Kandam....

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Shri Rejith Kumar

Rejithji has also had darshans of the celestial Siddhas, who are also part of the divine journey he has undertaken-

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"Welcome to the spiritual world of Lord Muruga" Terms & Conditions 1. Registration is free. 2. All those who are ready to do the assigned duties and responsibilities for the success of this mission are only required to register the names. 3. 1 year is the validity of the initial registration, post renewal of the registration would be provided only after evaluating the efficiency and sincerity of the person towards fulfillment of the mission. 4. Only duties assigned by Lord Muruga will be performed through this mission. No other activities will be promoted. 5. Those who have registered their names in this mission are open to lead their normal life. The only point to be noted is that, the person should be ready to do their duties when it's get assigned by Lord Muruga. 6. This organisation is not legally registered at this point of time. All the documents including the registration list would be placed for prayers Infront of Lord Muruga at Palani temple on May 1st. After this, proceeds to do legal registration will be carried on. Who believe Lord Muruga and who have belief in me and this mission are hearty welcomed. AUM SARAVANA BAVAAYA NAMAHA: (Whatsapp your name, country, age, job, phone number to +917012661078) Contact number Rejithji +919446446233

As per Lord Muruga's instruction- to fulfill his delegated duties, I am going to start a new organisation. All those who believe in this mission are hearty welcomed to join in this organisation....

Message from Rejithji:- As I said before, now I am sharing some of those messages which I have got from Lord Muruga… Now it’s Zero point zone, a new history is arising. It’s related with Mars and Kumari Kandam. A new life is starting in Mars and the secrets behind Kumari kandam will also be release soon. Mars and Kumari Kandam were also interrelated. Now we are starting a new spiritual mission with the guidance of Lord Muruga – PEOPLE FROM – “LION MAYURA”-ROYAL KINGDOM. I welcome all those, who believe in this mission. People from India, Sri Lanka, Europe, Malaysia, Singapore, America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Middle East can be the members of this mission. Lord Muruga Suggested London as the centre point for this. On 18th April 2017, I will clear all your queries about this mission such as why this name? How can join this mission? What’s all are the conditions etc. AUM SARAVANA BAVAYA NAMAHA:

An Amazing Spiritual trip of Sri Pazhani Muruga Yugam with Naga subramanya swami's idol....

Channels interviewing Rejith ji, while Giri pradhakshinam


"Our life experiences shape our belief system. Let me introduce you to the man who has successfully channeled his personal tragedies in to an inspirational story. When Rejith lost his father in 1991 his world came crashing down. This is the man he looked up to, who taught him way of life, a hero to emulate. A volley of emotions took over Rejith. He was angry, very angry at the god. After his father’s demise, he turned in to an atheist..... "
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"Batu Caves is a limestone hill that has a series of caves and cave temples in Gombak, Selangor, Malaysia. It takes its name from the Sungai Batu (Batu River), which flows past the hill and also it is the tenth (Pattu in Tamil) limestone hill from Ampang. Batu Caves is also the name of a nearby village.."
Rejithji at Malaysia click here to see more photos..